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About Us

Waterman Biocare team can draw on years of experience working with, and in director and senior positions for, some of the major industrial fermentation, OEM’s and facilities management companies. We are backed by staff and associates that include PhD microbiologists and chemists and process engineers each with a long track records in designing and bringing to market innovative microbial, antimicrobial, chemical and bio-based cleaning and remediation products, and delivery systems.

What we do

Our consultation service provides technical advice for the biological and selected chemical treatments of industrial wastes. We may advise on use of the clients preferred products, or specify an alternative if required. We work with our clients to design suitable treatment programmes. Our clients include water, solid waste and bioremediation treatment companies.

We design and manufacture some of best available industrial and professional cleaning products. We have also built strong networks and relationships with some of the most inventive R&D and manufacturing partners each with their own specialisms. By working with our partners we can access their technologies and offer fully rounded solutions to our own clients.

Our Team has wealth of experience in real world applications and we understand the benefits as well limitations of these types of products and techniques and can manage client expectations accordingly.

How we do it

Expertise and knowhow

Expertise and knowledge capital together with strategic partnerships are key to our business. We have in-house expertise that is unrivaled in the industry, supported by an extensive network of partners and associates allowing us to have a global reach

Strategic Partnerships

We access a broader range of resources and expertise in specialized areas that enables us to exploit new developments in whole cell bioscience and modern chemistry. We also outsource many key functions such as R&D, raw materials sourcing, manufacturing and distribution. This reduces costs, reducing development lead times, reduces product delivery time and ultimately offers a competitive advantage to our clients.


Our accumulated knowledge and years of practical experience of industrial microbiology and the microbial products market enables us to recognise that despite this industry being more than 40 years old there still remains a crucial disconnect between the base manufacturers and end-users across all market sectors that continues to perpetuate the confusion as to the true benefit of micro-organisms. Almost all microbial products are built around a handful of species of one single genus of bacteria – Bacillus. This is because they are cheap to ferment and because they form dormant spores and are just about only species that can be used to make a preserved product. Not all Bacillus spp. are the same, nor wake up able to do what they were proven to do in a laboratory, and in many cases do not wake up at all. We know how to deliver the strains that are best suited to the application and deliver a plan to make them work


We source our micro-organisms from the best industrial fermentation companies. New fermentation and preservation techniques are being developed to enable alternative high performance bacteria and fungi to be incorporated into the next generation of microbial products. Waterman Biocare is at the forefront of these developments, working closely with our GMP-certified fermentation partner.


Not all environmental clean-up applications require inclusion of micro-organisms. Smart, modern chemistry based on the latest developments in raw materials are reaching the market that with careful formulation and combined with the correct application equipment are all that is required to achieve satisfactory low cost results. Many emerging raw materials are ‘bio-based’ giving excellent functional performance with equally excellent environmental and health and safety characteristics. We use bio-based as well as the best conventional chemistries to formulate our chemical product ranges.

When designing our microbial products, we test compatibility of all raw materials with our selected bacteria to ensure they are not negatively impacted by the formulation. In many case we actually see that a raw material stimulates growth and activity.


Microbial and chemical products can clean and improve the hygienic status of a surface, water body or treated waste. However, on many occasions this is not enough to provide the right level of Biosecurity. We manufacture a range of speciality antimicrobial products for specialised cleaning applications. In addition, our strategic partner for personal and professional antimicrobial products offers some unique BPR approved biocidal products to complement our own cleaning products.


We understand that a detailed understanding of both microbial physiology and biochemistry coupled and complimentary modern chemistry is required to get the best field performance from our specially selected microorganisms. Waterman Biocare can apply its knowledge of liquid, powder, solids product formulation to manufacture a broad range of high performance cleaning and remediation products. All of our products have been extensively field tested.


Conventional packaging offers the most cost effective and robust means for us to distribute our products globally. Wherever possible we re-furbish and re-use large pack containers. We use only recyclable plastics and card, and compostable packaging films.

Manufacturing and Distribution

All of our blending partners are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. Our packaging partner is GMP certified. We manufacture at four locations in the UK as well as Poland and Canada. We manufacture to order, but selected products are stocked by our global trading partner


Professional Products and Services can be purchased directly from Waterman Biocare.