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Rethink tomorrow, with BIOCare white technology solutions today


  • What is White Technology?

    White biotechnology, or industrial biotechnology as it is also known, refers to the use of living cells and/or their enzymes to create industrial/cleaning products that are more easily degradable, require less energy, create less waste during production and use, performing longer and better than products created using traditional chemical processes.

  • Are the products environmentally friendly?

    Yes, we use the most biodegradable chemistry and biology available today.

  • Do all the products meet quality standards?

    All products compile to the latest CLP/GHS regulations (formally REACH/COSHH). All our products go through rigorous testing and accreditation and meet the requirements in Section h of Official Journal of the European Union L180/58 (12th July 2017). They are all manufactured in the UK under ISO 9001 / 14001 / 13485 and all the microbes used are QPS certified (Qualified Presumption of Safety) .

  • Do I need specialist training?

    Our products would be used in much the same way as you use other cleaning products. However, experience has shown that using less products means individuals will have a better understanding of each product they use.

  • Are your products safe to use?

    It is perfectly safe to use. All our products go through rigorous testing and accreditation to meet all industry recognised standards.  The type of microbes used are all Class 1, and the chemistry is all bio-degradable.

  • I thought Bacteria was bad. Why is yours OK?

    Some cleaning products claim to get rid of 99.9% of all germs. But that’s not necessarily a good thing. Some bacteria are considered good or friendly. Our cleaning products use “friendly” bacteria (the kind you might find in yoghurts) which naturally out-compete the harmful bacteria. Our products work 24/7 and will work constantly to out-compete the bad bacteria, even in minuscule scratches and microscopic holes on the surfaces.

  • What do the products smell of?

    We only use a light fresh fragrance; our products are not designed to cover foul odours up but to clean and remove the source of the foul odour to leave a neutral smelling environment.

  • Do I need to wear special PPE to use these products?

    As with all cleaning products they are designed to remove dirt; so good cleaning practice would recommend wearing some sort of hand protection, such as disposable gloves.

  • How does your General Purpose Cleaner differ from other cleaning products?

    The General Purpose Cleaner is made from the latest biodegradable surfactants, combined with a clever microbial system; this gives you an instant clean of the surface while the microbial package continues to deep clean and degrade all organic material, making cleaning easier and easier each day.

  • Why do I need Odour Neutraliser - can't I just use an air freshener?

    This product has a unique odour capturing technology that encapsulate the foul odour molecule, stopping the odour in seconds. Then the microbial package starts to break the origin of the odour down, so it cannot smell again. This product does not mask odour with a stronger fragrance than the odour.

  • How can you tell if the products are working?

    Firstly, there will be the visible clean, but in time it will be notable that foul odours become less and less, typically in men’s washrooms that often have an underlying ammonia smell that typical chemical products are unable to remove. You will also find that over time it makes cleaning easier and easier each day.

  • Will the products stain my clothing?

    No, in fact GPC has been used as a pre-spotter in laundry and is used as a pre-spotter for soft furnishings like carpets and seating.

  • How will I know how much product to use?

    User instructions are given on the product label and Product Data Sheets, but as good cleaning practice advises always ask if you are unsure. Products like GPC & Odour Neutraliser have been designed to be safe to use on most surfaces, hard and soft.

  • Is there a shelf life for the products?

    We have recommended a maximum of 2 years. However, the product will still work perfectly well after this period so the 2 years is more a guideline.