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Bogie Cleaner LF and HF

Industrial strength, caustic based degreasers for cleaning rail carriage bogies and other heavy machinery and plant. Also ideal as a chassis cleaner and for use in machine parts washers. Formulated with high impact surfactants for heavy task removal of grease, rust and carbon

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Bogie Clean is available in two versions. Both are designed for the removal of grease, rust and carbon deposits from metal surfaces exposed to extreme operating conditions and severe weathering. Designed specifically for rail carriage bogies, both versions can be used in related transport applications:

  • Bogie Cleaner LF: Low-foaming, designed for dip soak bath and parts washer applications. May also be used with ultrasonic baths and tunnel washers
  • Bogie Cleaner HF: High-foaming, designed for manual deep clean application by high pressure jet washing

Bogie Cleaner LF and HF do not contain solvents nor chelating agents. The concentrated formulation is designed around high performance surfactants that both clean at high pH without re-depositing soil on the cleaned surface.