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In a recycle wash wastewater, petroleum‐based degreasing formulations, washing agents, dirt/dust particles and traffic grime contribute to the origin of organic pollutants, especially aromatic compounds. Some aromatic compounds (e.g. benzene) are harmful to humans and the environment; therefore, remediation or removal of the pollutants is necessary in order to stop foul odours developing.

microbial blends have been used for years to successfully control odours in high traffic area such as washrooms, animal waste lagoons, and grease traps. The scientifically selected, non‐pathogenic class 1, spore‐forming Bacillus strains found in CWA will reduce odour by digesting malodorous compounds and will competitively exclude the odour‐ causing bacteria in the system.

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The product is a water‐based liquid that consists of highly biodegradable surfactants, builders and selected bacterial cultures. The surfactant combination makes the oils and other hydrocarbons and organics readily available to the bacteria, encouraging biodegradation, and resulting in a very effective cleaning and odour control programme.