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Grease Trap Powder (GTP)

Fully water soluble biological powder products for the degradation of fats, oils and greases (FOG) and other types of food waste in the drain lines of food preparation areas.

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FOG build up in drain lines, grease traps, interceptors lift stations and municipal sewer lines is a common worldwide problem resulting from incorrect disposal of cooking oils and fats. The results include blockages, floods, malodour, corrosion and pest problems and usually requiring expensive, unplanned reactive maintenance.

GTP is designed as a simple dose controlled product to control build‐up of FOG’s.

The Bacillus bacteria used in GTP are selected specifically for their ability to produce a cascade of extra‐cellular enzymes to rapidly degrade a wide variety of food wastes, including fats, oil and grease, protein, starch and fibre. The capabilities of these strains have also been tested under a broad range of environmental conditions to ensure they function in the field and not just in the laboratory. A further feature of the GTP strains is their ability to form biofilms ‐ microbial communities consisting of billions of bacteria within the drainage system, which are highly resistant to occasional shocks of low or high pH, temperature or chemicals. The formulation contains no surfactant nor emulsifier, but does contain all the nutrients that the bacteria need to grow.

The product also contains a selection of free enzymes to catalyse some of the reactions needed for overall effective performance. The strains are also tolerant to free chlorine up to about 20ppm, making them tolerant to many cleaning chemicals.

GTP can be used in drain line systems of kitchens, restaurants (especially QSR’s), and food re‐heat, pan and pot wash drains leading to grease traps or interceptors, lift stations, wet wells and sewer lines. GTP is compatible with package treatment and bio‐disk systems as well as septic systems.