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Instant Shine

Waterless liquid product for improving visibility through glass and restoring the colour of paintwork. Polymers within the product coat the surface resulting in a water repellent finish that resists formation of salt and scale

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Instant Shine is specifically designed for use on rail and road vehicles to reduce the amount of wash water required during external cleaning. Typically, a single application will result in 6-10X fewer passes through a gantry wash system. The product can also be used as a ‘waterless cleaner’ for smaller vehicles. In all cases glass and paintwork is brought back to a deep gloss shine with minimal effort and buffing

Instant Shine is also able to improve visibility where this is reduced due to deposition of salt, soil and scale as well as exhaust fumes, corrosive particulates and oils

The formulation contains a specialised blend of cleaners and amino functional silicones and silicone resins that chemically bond to a cleaned and dry glass or plexi-glass surface. These polymers cross-link together within an hour of application and form a tough and durable barrier. Once cured the glass becomes water repellent and prevents re-deposition of soils and formation of salts and scale.

Instant Shine may also be used as a cleaner and colour restorer for any painted surfaces. A high gloss, water repellent finish is obtained immediately after use, and with sufficient curing (see above) results in a lasting shine that reduces the frequency of future cleaning. This product also offers protection to damage from other sources such as bird faeces and UV light.

When used internally Instant Shine prevents the formation of condensation removing the need to wipe to improve visibility

Best results are obtained following the use of Waterman Biocare Technologies Clean & Repair