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Limescale Remover & Descaler

Waterman Biocare Technologies Limescale Remover & Descaler is an advanced mineral acidic product designed for the effective removal of limescale and other scales in a variety of cleaning and maintenance applications. The product can also be used for stone and concrete cleaning for both professional and retail, home and garden use. It is also a safe and effective replacement for strong and corrosive mineral acids used in industrial applications.

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Scale is most commonly a solid insoluble deposit formed from metal salts that are forced out of solution and coat solid surfaces. This is especially a problem in hard water areas and can cause a variety of problems ranging from water marks in showers to blocked taps, kettles and washing machines. In industrial operations more serious problems can arise such as reduction in efficiency of boilers and heat exchangers. Scale build up accelerated by heat and the use of alkaline cleaning chemicals

Waterman Biocare Technologies Limescale Remover & Descaler is based on an organic salt that replaces traditional mineral and organic acids in scale removal applications. The key ingredient in the formulation has approximately 70% of the strength of hydrochloric acid when removing calcium carbonate, but crucially is not classified as corrosive to skin or metals. The product is more than twice as effective as phosphoric acid (and is also phosphate free), and equivalent to sulphamic acid, but without the environmental concerns. Also, it is 5‐10 times more effective than common organic acids such as lactic, citric or glycolic acids.

The formulation also contains:

  •   a novel surfactant package that degreases treated surfaces and so accelerates descaling performance so there is no need for a detergent clean before application.
  •   Corrosion inhibitor to protect a variety of metal surfaces once descaled and degreased.