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Lookout Hi-Viz



(Waterless liquid product for improving visibility through glass and restoring the colour of paintwork.)
Polymers within the product coat the surface resulting in a water repellent finish that resists formation of salt and scale.
LookOut Hi-Viz is specifically designed for use where visibility is reduced due to deposition of salt, soil and scale as well as exhaust fumes, corrosive particulates and oils. The formulation contains a specialised blend of cleaners and amino functional silicones and silicone resins that chemically bond to a cleaned and dry glass or plexi-glass surface. These polymers cross-link together within an hour of application and form a tough and durable barrier. Once cured the glass becomes water repellent and prevents re-deposition of soils and formation of salts and scale. When used internally LookOut Hi-Viz prevents the formation of condensation removing the need to wipe to improve visibility. This product is available in 5L or 750ml trigger sprayer.