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Meta Cleanse

Heavy duty, low foaming alkaline cleaner for removal of greases and cooking residues in food processing plants and equipment. Also suitable for larger industrial kitchens.

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A non‐caustic, low foaming, heavy duty alkaline cleaning product developed specially for use in food processing industries for the rapid removal of heavy deposits of fats, greases, oils, proteins, carbohydrates and burnt on residues from ovens, baking trays, heat exchangers and filling equipment. The product is safe to use on normally sensitive surfaces such as aluminium, brass or galvanised steel and will not cause corrosion.

Ideal for use in abattoirs, butcheries, poultry production, sea food production and fish processing, dairies, drink production, cooked meat processing, bakeries, confectioners nd biscuit makers,

Extremely effective when used as an immersion or dip‐tank cleaner.