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MicroClean Plus

A unique, highly dilutable liquid concentrate for degreasing and cleaning a variety of hard surfaces. The result is a superior, environmentally‐preferred solution to a wide range of kitchen, galley and catering cleaning applications where residual grease contamination problems arise.

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MicroClean Plus is a micro‐emulsion formulation and combines bio‐based surfactants and naturally occurring plant esters with traditional cleaning materials. The result is a highly water dilutable cleaner that includes the benefits both of excellent detergency (surfactant) and the pseudo‐solvent action of the ester (alcohol/acid).

The formulation is readily biodegradable and with an excellent environmental profile. It is also caustic‐free and non‐corrosive to skin. The formulation also includes ingredients that actively reduce re‐deposition of oils.

The micro‐emulsion is effective immediately upon application. When highly diluted or after prolonged holding, the emulsion breaks and the oils split out cleanly without leaving an emulsion interface.

Ideal single degreaser and cleaner for all kitchen equipment including cookers, grills, hobs, re‐heat ovens, spits/rotisseries and hoods. When diluted can be used for degreasing and cleaning floors and walls and kitchen utensils. Further dilution makes MicroClean Plus an ideal general degreaser for lightly contaminated surfaces such as cupboards, facias, splash backs

*for porous surfaces on shore such as concrete, tiles, grout, mats and carpets it is recommended to use Waterman Biocare Technologies General Purpose BioCleaner.

MicroClean Plus is a safe and efficient all‐in‐one product for degreasing, cleaning, and deodorising hard kitchen surfaces.

MicroClean Plus can also be used to remove soap scum from baths, showers and sinks.