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Odour Neutraliser

Unpleasant odours are a common problem encountered in many situations. Smelly organic and inorganic mal-odour compounds arise for all sorts of reasons in the home, in care facilities, through hobby and leisure activities and associated with pets. Mal-odours also arise from industrial and waste handling activities.

Whatever the situation the result is the same: we are exposed to one or more malodour chemicals that our nose detects above a certain threshold and our brain interprets as unpleasant and to which action is required.

Most air fresheners contain pleasant fragrances to mask the smell, but which just fool or dull our senses to believe that the bad small has gone. Many products may combine a fragrance with a chemical odour counteractant such as the types used in major retail and consumer brands. The action of these products is often temporary and reversible requiring more product to be used.

Waterman Biocare Technologies has taken the best of these technologies and combined them with natural micro-organisms. The result is instant odour capture to give short term malodour control combined with the biochemical activity of the microbes to change the nature of the malodour causing molecules and this irreversible action means the bad smell does not return. All this is delivered in a unique liquid concentrate resulting in a superior, environmentally-preferred solution achieving high performance in a wide range of malodour control applications.

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Odour Neutraliser comprises a unique and highly effective modern chemistry with a specialised blend of natural bacterial cultures. An effective odour counteractant instantly encapsulates the malodour molecule to render it undetectable whatever its source. This process is followed by the microbes sensing and adapting to the nature of soils and wastes from which further malodour may arise, thus preventing malodour formation at source. Should further malodour arise, the encapsulation process is repeated.

Odour Neutraliser is a safe and efficient all-in-one product for deodorising, and removing the organic cause of the odour on both hard and soft surfaces.