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An advanced, highly water dilutable biological product for use in cleaning and degreasing a variety of porous surfaces such as concrete, brick and asphalt found in loading areas, hard standing, ballast, docks and quays and platforms. Also very effective for wash‐down of hard surfaces such as sealed concrete floors and decking as well as machinery. The inclusion of bacteria selected for their ability to biodegrade oily hydrocarbons combined with a ‘quick split’ surfactant package makes this product an effective bioremediation tool.

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OilOff combines non‐petroleum and bio‐based surfactants with oily hydrocarbon degrading bacteria to create an effective cleaning and bioremediation tool for multiple applications. It is primarily designed to treat porous surfaces where chemistry penetrates the structure changing the properties of bound oils thus making them easier to remove. The oily hydrocarbon degrading bacteria are then capable of producing their own biosurfactant to aid this process and then to degrade the oils in situ over time.

OilOff is effective immediately upon application and can be used to remove oils from on a variety of hard surfaces and can replace many existing products as an all‐in‐one cleaner

The formulation is readily biodegradable and with an excellent environmental profile. It is also non‐corrosive to skin and does not require assignment of a UN number. The formulation also includes ingredients that actively reduce re‐deposition of oils.

OilOff is not an oil dispersant. The ‘quick split nature’ of the formulation means that removed oils can be readily separated from wash liquor and disposed of via different waste streams as required. Also, OilOff will not interfere with the operation of land ‐based oily water interceptors nor bilge handing systems on ships.