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OxyPlus BM350

Highly concentrated, multi‐use liquid product designed to oxygenate anaerobic environments and to re‐establish the growth of aerobic bacteria. Can be used as an amendment to all waste water treatment applications, septic systems, aquaculture, grease traps, animal slurry treatments horticultural root zone applications and especially to deliver oxygen to in situ, land remediation applications.

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OxyPlus BM350 comprises six oxygen and nitrogen containing compounds blended with natural wetting agents in a unique blending process needed to ensure chemical stability. The result is a multi‐use oxygenating liquid product that helps stimulate or re‐establish aerobic metabolism and respiration where low oxygen or anaerobic/septic conditions have made this impossible.

There are many waste treatment applications where low oxygen concentrations slow down microbial decomposition. These include all types of waste water treatment and land bioremediation, septic systems, treatment of agricultural slurries, treatment of fats, oils and greases (FOG) in drain lines, nutrient turnover in agriculture and aquaculture, as well as many other institutional and household applications.

Anaerobic bacteria thrive in highly reduced and low pH conditions and, in fact, some live only under such conditions. This environment leads most noticeably to malodour (typically ammonia and hydrogen sulphide, but also many partially degraded volatile compounds), methane production, sludges, and corrosion of metals and concrete.

It is not always possible to resolve this situation through aeration or oxygenate, so application of a concentrated liquid oxygen donor is the next best solution. The product benefits from a nascent oxygen species that is readily available to quickly oxidize reduced and malodorous compounds. Other ingredients are designed to release their oxygen atoms slowly over time thus controlling microbial metabolism without resulting in a flush of activity thath quickly subsides.

OxyPlus BM350 can be used as a stand‐alone product or blended with other liquids