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RBC 100

A standard blend of bacterial cultures designed to quickly establish an active biomass and significantly increase the biodegradation of typical municipal waste materials. The result is a stable MLVSS, BOD reduction (including FOG’s) and odour control. Ideal for start‐up, upset recovery and maintenance.

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The bacterial cultures selected for RBC 100 are capable of rapid activation when applied to municipal and domestic waste applications. Biomass quickly develops resulting in a significant BOD reduction. The strains are capable of producing cellulose enzymes active against tissue paper and a cascade of lipase enzymes required to degrade fats, oils and greases (FOG). The strains are also tolerant to free chlorine up to about 20ppm, making them tolerant to many household cleaning chemicals. The product also contains organic materials to bind heavy metals that would otherwise inhibit the re‐establishment of nitrification

BOD reduction is also possible under microaerophilic conditions. RBC 100 will improve floc formation and sludge settlement, and help maintain a healthy bacterial population.

Also suitable for septic tank treatment and low load animal waste treatments.