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RBC 200

Light industrial waste water
Chemical industry waste water
Leachates (municipal landfill and soil bioremediation) Some process and used water
Pre‐treatment and Polishing treatment

(surfactants, BTEX, alcohols, phenol, COD, leachates)

A multifunctional product containing a special blend of microbial cultures selected and adapted to improve their ability to degrade a variety of oily hydrocarbon wastes. The selected bacterial strains work efficiently on both food preparation and processing, and mineral oil wastes. Suitable for waste water and solid waste treatments

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The bacterial strains for RBC 200 have the ability to degrade a wide range of long chain hydrocarbon molecules found in FOG’s from food processing operations as well as refined petrochemicals and non‐toxic, light industrial wastes from textile, textile chemical, paper and resin industries. This product is also used for municipal waste water treatment systems in areas with mixed liquors from light (or unknown) industrial and vegetable processing effluents.

It is very common in these industries to use a range of cleaning chemicals containing non‐ ionic and anionic detergents. The bacterial strains in RBC 200 are also capable of degrading many of these chemicals. Many Nocardia bacteria can generate a biosurfactant that is generally unaffected by commercial defoamers. These biosurfactants can be reduced by the bacteria in RBC 200 which can then indirectly reduce filamentous bulking that is common in oily wastes.

RBC 200 is used as both a pretreatment for the hydrolysis and acetogenesis stages prior biogas production, and also to as a polishing treatment for treated and run‐off water