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RBC 300

A special blend of microbial cultures selected and adapted to improve their ability to degrade complex chemical hydrocarbons from industrial processes, chemical and drug intermediates, some pesticides and some heavy refinery wastes This product can improve removal of toxic or difficult to degrade complex mixtures of organic compounds and those containing halogenated hydrocarbons

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RBC 300 is a proprietary formulation of selected microorganisms capable of degrading alkyl and polyaromatics, halogenated, chlorinated and nitrated hydrocarbon compounds. The bacterial consortium contained is highly efficient in degrading petroleum oil and is highly adaptable and versatile in extreme conditions.

The production of bio‐surfactants enables greater removal and mobilization of hydrocarbons bound to soil particles and other solid surfaces. The biodegradability and lower toxicity of bio‐surfactants means a reduced reliance on chemical surfactants. The bio‐surfactants produced by the bacteria in RBC 300 form as part of a biofilm on solid surfaces and around oil droplets in water. Bio‐surfactant production is a key functionality of RBC 300 that ultimately makes oily hydrocarbons more readily available for biodegradation by the micro‐organisms in the product but more crucially to the natural microflora.