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RBC 500

Pulp & Paper (BOD/COD, cellulose, ink)

Used to degrade pulping wastes including high BOD, starchy wastes, tall oils, pine soaps, liquor spills, and cellulose. Particularly effective in kraft pulp and paper mills to overcome such adversities as periods of high influent loading, system start‐up after mill shutdown, and unfavourable temperature conditions. This product can consistently improve BOD reduction and can assist in lignin degradation.

Food Processing (starch, cellulose, protein, BOD/COD)

Ideally suited to treatment of fruit and vegetable processing, brewery and winery wastes and to overcome a variety of problems such as high influent loadings, system start‐up and unfavourable temperature conditions. The product comprises microbial strains that can degrade starches, organic acids, vegetable fibres, sugars, alcohols and turpines. This product can also prevent hydrogen sulphide production if used in aeration basins.

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A special blend of bacterial cultures selected and adapted to improve their ability to degrade a wide range of foaming agents. It has been used successfully in the petrochemical, textile, textile chemical, and resin industries to combat foaming due to non-ionic and ionic detergents and ethoxylated phenols. Nocardia bacteria, some of which can generate a biosurfactant that is generally unaffected by commercial defoamers, can be controlled.