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RBC Biotab

Slowly dissolving tablet intended for prevention of biofilm formation in drain and condensate lines.

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RBC BioTab is a bronopol‐based biocidal product formulated as a slow release tablet. Intended for easy positioning in pipework or drip pans of systems designed for handing low flow drainage of waste water and condensates. The product is versatile for use in a variety of systems but especially those that experience wet and dry cycles that encourage EPS formation. In these circumstances most chemical, biological and enzyme cleaning products are ineffective, and liquid biocides will require frequent dosing and will quickly dilute beyond their effective concentration ranges.

Bronopol is an organic compound used for many years as a preservative in personal care and consumer hygiene products and also widely used in a variety of industrial applications as a slimicide.

RBC BioTab can be used as a single treatment solution for EPS control in drainage systems or in combination with ChillGuard and Cleaner Disinfectant provide a complete solution for chiller and refrigeration EPS problems.