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RBC CesClean

A fully water soluble biological product for the treatment of Domestic sewage and other household wastes. Comprising a concentrated consortium of waste degrading bacteria and fungi with free enzymes and nutrients. The product is packed in a biodegradable cellulose film to give a dose controlled application

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A septic system is a small‐scale sewage treatment system common in areas that lack connection to main sewage system and so frequently found in rural areas. The term “septic” refers to the anaerobic environment that develops in the septic tank, pipework and drainage field due to the activity of micro‐organisms and absence of oxygen that results from the rapid breakdown of organic waste. Careful maintenance of this microflora is required to ensure efficient operation of the system and prevent blockages and flooding.

The start‐up of a septic system through ‘natural attenuation’ can be time consuming and prone to problems. Bioaugmentation or seeding with RBC CesClean rapidly speeds upthis process and helps establish a healthy biomass that stabilizes and protects the many other natural micro‐organisms that together completely degrade liquid household wastes.

The micro‐organisms in RBC CesClean are efficient waste degraders capable of adapting to changes in their environment and producing just the right amount of enzymes to deal with the waste challenge. Free enzymes are also included in the formulation to help the bacteria along. Also included are some complex nutrients to reduce the change of starvation when nutrient levels are low.

The complex biological processes performed in an efficient septic tank are susceptible to upsets caused by overuse of disinfectants, chlorine‐based bleaches and cleaning products in the home. RBC CesClean helps protect against the effects of the products to quickly stabilize any upset. The bacteria in RBC CesClean are able to work more efficiently when oxygen is present (immediately after flushing), but also work at very low oxygen levels which helps prevent the formation of foul odours.