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RBC Oil Bio-Remediation Pillows

Oil pollution arising from oily water separators and bilge tanks of ships and boats can now be avoided by the use of RBC Bio‐Remediation Pillows.

RBC Bio‐Remediation Pillows are designed to be used in single or multi‐stage oil interceptors, drainage culverts, leachate lagoons, bilge tanks in marine and inland waterways ships and boats. Floating oils and fuels oils are naturally attracted to the absorbant polymer present in the pillows fibres. Specially selected microorganisms encapsulated in an inner pouch are activated in the presence of oils and water and certain micronutrients. These microorganisms are then capable of degrading a range of oils (linear alkyl chains and polyaromatic fractions), heavy and light fuels, diesel range organics, and BTEX compounds. Additionally, a very broad range of non‐ oily, organic materials are also degraded, giving an overall reduction in BOD or TOC.

RBC Bio‐Remediation Pillows are also designed for continuous absorption and degradation of oils in addition to use in casual spillages.

Binding and biodegradation of floating oils enables gas exchange between the air and liquor in the tank. This is important in avoiding mal‐odour and even corrosion of metal tanks.

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RBC Bio‐Remediation Pillows are specially treated to give oleophilic (oil attracting) properties with hydrophobic (water repellent) filament yarn. The choice of fibre and the construction has been optimised to give an exceptionally high void volume of 92% for maximum absorption.

Stitch bonding provides high tensile strength, dimensional stability and prevents breakdown when fully loaded with oil. RBC Bio‐Remediation Pillows are available in white and red (other colours available upon request). Each pillow has a durable eyelet in one corner to allow the attachment of an anchor rope.

After use RBC Bio‐Remediation Pillows can be disposed of as dry waste. In some cases, the pillows can be reused. Disposal and replacement is necessary in cases where the fibres have become saturated or the bacterial numbers have been reduced thus lower effectiveness. On occasion a toxic event may inactivate the bacteria, but the absorbant will still function. Oils and non oily hydrocarbons may be completely mineralised to carbon dioxide and water, or partially degraded to a less harmful but still immobile state.

RBC Bio‐Remediation Pillows immediately absorb any free oil on the surface water and are capable of absorbing up to 14 times its weight in oil
(equivalent to 9 litres). Over a 4 month period it is estimated that each standard size pillow has a potential to convert 15‐18kg of oil