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Accumulation of fats, oils and greases FOG) is the main cause of blockages and floods in drain and sewer lines, the cause of failure in lift stations and wet well operations, and results in malodour (oxidative rancidity, anaerobiosis, pest breeding grounds) in most cases. Problems caused by discharge of FOG are widespread and represent huge direct and indirect remedial action cost.

Waterman Biocare Technologies Bio‐Block is one of a number of solutions offered by Waterman Biocare Technologies Ltd to mitigate some or all of these issues. These products are designed to be used from point of discharge (sink) through the entire drain line system right up to the sewage treatment plant. The modular design means there is a size to suit every application, larger or small, stored water or fast flowing effluent, land‐based or marine.

Waterman Biocare Technologies Bio‐Block is a solid product intended for slow release of emulsifiers, bacteria to degrade the FOG, and odour counteractants resulting in a continuous, low maintenance treatment. The blocks are proven to completely dissolve in 4‐6 weeks to fit with common service or inspection cycles.

Waterman Biocare Technologies Bio‐Block contains bacteria capable of degrading FOG. When combined with specific nutrients and slow release oxygen sources they can continue to break down FOG at the very low dissolved oxygen concentrations encountered in almost all drain line applications.

(Waterman Biocare Technologies Bio‐Block is also available in 50g size and called Waterman Biocare Technologies Bio‐Puck)

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Waterman Biocare Technologies Bio‐Block is specifically manufactured for slow release. Combination of selected surfactants, binders and salts form a protective gel when the product is immersed in water. This ensures that turbulence and shear forces of fast flowing effluent does not over dose the system nor reduce the lifetime of the product. For example, the 5Kg Bio‐Block will release approximately 125g active material per day – even at temperatures up to 50oC.

Additionally, Waterman Biocare Technologies Bio‐Block is available in a tight mesh sock that further reduces release by about 10X. The sock is manufactured from stitch bonded cotton and provides high tensile strength (see illustration below). This is useful in particularly fast flowing waste streams, or where a longer life time is required (up to 3 months).

Waterman Biocare Technologies Bio‐Block is completely soluble and leave no residue for disposal. If used in the sock provided, this is biodegradable and can be disposed of as compostable waste.