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Steri-7 Hand Sanitiser

STERI-7 XTRA Hand Hygiene Products provide a standard of hygiene good enough for pre-surgical use and continues to protect for up to 3hrs after application.

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We are vulnerable to infection and contamination every day. One of the reasons they both thrive is what’s known as the ‘Chain Of Infection’:

You touch a contaminated door handle > then switch on the light > someone turns off the light > picking up the bugs > and carrying them to another surface > someone else touches the surface > and picks up the contamination on their fingers and so on.

Hygienically cleaning your hands with STERI-7 XTRA Wash or Rub is the best way to help BREAK this chain.

When there’s no water around, we recommend using a hand rub. STERI-7 XTRA Hand Rub can be used in soiled conditions and is unmatched in the constant battle against infection faced by everyone across the world.

Even though STERI-7 XTRA Hand Rub is a non-alcohol foaming hand cleaner, used regularly it provides unrivalled protection up to pre-surgical standard. Kind to your hands it is 100% organic, kills germs up to 99.9999% and it stays effective for up to 3 hours.