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Urinal Cube

Solid biological product to control scale build‐up, flooding and malodour from urinals

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Waterman Biocare Technologies Urinal Cubes contains a high count of bacteria selected for their ability to rapidly degrade or assimilate volatile malodour causing molecules in urine and urine breakdown products. Such materials include sulphur (egg/vegetable) and nitrogen (ammonia) containing organic molecules and volatile fatty acids.

The selected bacteria are also capable of transforming uric acid to make it more soluble in water so that it deposits more slowly and washes through the pipework more readily. This helps control blockages and flooding (with malodour to follow).

To add uric and carbonate scale control the formulation includes a biochemical scale control agent and readily biodegradable cleaners to facilitate soil and debris removal.

Waterman Biocare Technologies Urinal Cubes are presented in a characteristic blue colour and ocean breeze fragrance.